Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Busy Week...a busy beginning

MIA...that's me.  The beginning of the semester found me moving to a new building.  AND when you've been teaching for 25+ years...AND you're a hoarder...that's a job that no one should be responsible for.

OK...the move is done.  I'm still very unorganized and I'd like to have 2-3 days to reorganize my room, but that will probably wait until this summer.

BUSY WEEK...not only will we be reading My Brother Martin this week, we're celebrating 100th day on Wednesday.  Over break (since I couldn't get into the school since it wasn't quite done) I had a chance to rethink my weekly teaching to cover all our reading state standards...we don't have common core (yet).

Monday:  prediction, vocabulary,  and connection
Tuesday: read and/or listen to story...vocabulary review
Wednesday:  summarize
Thursday: reading strategy suggested in basal
Friday:  story map/and test

OH YEA!  did I mention that this week we'll be completing our writing assessment...wish my class luck.