Thursday, June 30, 2011

Web Site and/or blog

I'm wondering how many bloggers have a website along with their blog.  My website is mostly for my students  to help them with assignments, etc.  If you have a website besides your blog, I'd be interested in visiting's like blogging...I'm always ready to improve and gather new ideas. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Quia is an online studying resource where teachers can create different activities for their students to aid the students studying.  Is there anyone out in the blogging world that uses this online learning? 

I don't find it the easiest to make quizzes...but then maybe it's just the time it takes.  

Is there something online you love?  I don't want it to be too expensive.  I used IXLMath, but since I'm not teaching math next fall I didn't renew.  BrainPOP looks interesting...but too expensive for me or the district.

The Best to My Blogger Buddies,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classroom Shopping...

Now I do have an excuse...I live 45 minutes from a WalMart...3 hours from a Target...5 hours from a Michael' when I go 'shopping' I try to get something I might 'need'.

Michael's had these storage boxes for $2.50...great for markers, crayons, colored pencils, post-it-notes, erasers, etc.  I stocked up on 10 thinking I could store them in my trunk until school started...I needed the trunk for luggage with grandkids, so they went to school...does anyone else have a husband who hates to have the house as a storage unit?

Happy Shopping

PowerPoint Projects

One of the first programs I teach my 4th graders in technology class is powerpoint.  I start out with them making a ppt about themselves,  social studies reports on states, and we've done book reviews ...but I'm looking for other ideas.

Any suggestions?

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Book Whisper

About 4 years ago I attended a reading conference that highlighted The Sisters and Daily 5.  Up to that point I was one who always enjoyed reading...but never gave much thought to any extended time for my students to read in class.  As I dabbled in the daily 5 I found the one component I enjoyed most was 'Read to Self'.  My students last year were up to 20 minutes of reading, what they wanted, and engaged for most of the time.  The The Book Whisper, so far has been a wonderful affirment of what I'm trying to accomplish.  Yes, I still teach strategies and students know when they're finished with an assignment their choice is read or read (I do have a selection of social studies books & math books for those specific times).


To Lion or not...

Wondering what applications on your computer will be compatible with Apple's new Lion?     Mac World has a great article to let you check yours.  I just updated my desktop imac...that's where I have most of my webpages...but I'm using Dreamweaver 8--YES you guessed it-it won't be compatible with Lion...I guess I have a month or so to make a decision because I'd really like to sync my laptop, imac, & ipad...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mac Users

If you're a mac user, does anyone have a web page by using iweb?  I've heard that with the icloud, etc, Apple will stop providing this service...I don't update my pages very often but I do keep my classes' podcasts there.  Pat's Pages...
Princess Podcasting.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Testing to see what it looks like to blog from ipad

Blogging like a Crazed Teacher

Next week I may not be on at all since I'm teaching Bible School...and I'm doing pk & k students...a real change from 4th grade YIKES!
The following  blog  
had the coolest READ sign... and I plan to post it where all my students can see it when we're lined up and ready to leave the room...this usually takes a few seconds :)


Goodie Bag-First Day

Are there any teachers who give a goodie bag for the first day of school? I'm looking for some creative ideas to include in the bags. It's a cello bag with the following on it. In the past I've included
  • erasers
  • post-it-notes
  • homework pass
  • skittles

There is usually one odd item in one bag and that's who gets to start the year out as helper.

I'm not sure how to resize my signature...may just take it out :(


Student Blog

There is a unique situation in our building where the students cannot print to the printer...something to do with saving on the cost of ink...

So my solution is to have an account with Kidblog and anytime a student needed me to print a project, they placed it on their blog.  Worked really well.  

How are others dealing with this situation, or do other schools let their students print to their hearts content...?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Name Tags

Really Good Stuff had a promotional where you could design your own desk tags.  I really liked the idea since I won't be teaching math next year and wanted language arts information only.  I did put math data on the back...It also let me put our class logo and school name on the front..also let me use school colors.

Only problem...they didn't send me the total number I ordered, although I'm sure this issue will be taken care of.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plain & Simple

I decided if I was going to be serious about blogging and the message I had was important, I didn't want it over-looked by a fancy, smancy background or template.  Some blog designs are so overwhelming it's hard to find the message, etc.

Here's to thoughtful blogs, designed with content.  Here's to summer...a teacher's creative time.

Labels for assignment baskets

Thank you Deanna for the motivation to work on labels for assignment baskets today.  I'm using Print Shop 2, Scribble Kids from Lettering Delight.  After being creative...messing around...I found if I just clicked on a letter I had already placed on my project I could just replace it...saving me A LOT of time.  Thank goodness for summer...and who said teachers don't work in the summer!!

School Supplies

What do you ask your students to bring to school in the fall?  I have a rather long list (school supplies).  One of the reasons for this in ownership.  When students take ownership in a project, a decision, and their school supplies, I think they treat and take care of them better.  ALSO, I remember how much fun it was to shop for school supplies before school starts.  I still get excited when when the supplies hit the shelves at the local stores.

A tradition in this family is for Grandma (me) to take the grandkids (grades k-6) school supply shopping and then out for lunch...LOTS OF FUN. (It's always a time for me to get what I need (oops-want).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Timelines on line

Here's the problem with timelines for me in the past.  I bought the Timeline software from Scholastic.  It's just for one I install it on all my computers or just shuffle kids (22) through that one computer?

Solution Capzles
It looks like it will be wonderful.  I have a classroom account and students can add their timeline...I'm excited to try it.
I found a great tutorial  which I also added to my Twitter account....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calling all 4th grade teachers!!

Our district uses SF 2008 Reading Street...and last year there was a web site where the teachers made ppt to review the questions the students take after each selection...Is this making sense?

  The web site has been removed and I don't have the ppt for units 1 & 2.  Can anyone help me?  If not I'll just keep plugging along making ppt every day or so.

If you'd like to see what I've done just click over to-Practice Makes Perfect.
 This is the selection I did today, but I haven't transferred it yet...I want to make 3-4 before I move them over to my web page.


Ipads & Education

icloud and ios 5  Helps one who is wondering if ipads and their updating to 2 will be a good thing.


I'm waiting to get a new ipad2 when the operating system (5) comes out.  Here's a blog that listed apps used for lower elementary.


Does anyone in the blogoshphere have their students work on Webquests?  I can't seem to find the time...but I'm always looking for something similar to add to my page4th Grade Webquests.  Please leave me a comment if you can help out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Differentiated Learning

The new BUZZ word for education is differentiated...Way back in the dinosaur age it was called a one-room school room.  If you teach long enough you'll see everything good...and bad with education, one or two times.

Last summer I took a class on differentiated learning and here's the link All Can Learn.  These are the activities I created to complete the class.  We needed an electronic portfolio for our work, so I choose a blog.  Do you like the header picture?  It's a picture of the Mediterranean Sea that I took when I was in Israel 2 summers ago...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grouping Students

Group Maker  
This is what I use to group my students.  It''s a choice between 2-4 students in a group.  I'm looking for a app from the App Store that does the same thing.  Is there anyone out there who uses one they like?  I use to number sticks and have everyone draw, but having it on the white board(I know there's a project with the smart board...but I don't always have it calibrated when I need it.) makes the process go much quicker and smoother.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dolch List for 4th

Dolch words for 4th grade
For all 4th grade teacher...the above link is a web page I've made that has ppt for all the dolch words 4th graders need to know.

Please feel free to download and's a nice list at the beginning of the school year.

By the way...I saw Wicked again for the third time. (third row from the of the seating WOW)..I love the music and the different take on the Wizard of Oz...maybe that's because I'm a writing teacher.

Blog with you again on Monday.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Storage & Organization

Tubs and bins from Target are my first choice for storage.  I have pink bulletin boards (and black border), so this fits in really well.  Here's a pic from my classroom early this year.  We received a WalMart card and bought black stools (that push under our computer tables) and more CD players for the listening center.


Spelling Menu 

This is very similar to spelling tic/tac/toe...but with a cafe flair.  May need Print Shop to open.

Checking Out Books

Last year I just let my students take books from the classroom library...BUT I did have a problem with books not being treated properly-water damage/lost/torn covers.  So this coming year I'm having each student keep track in their 3 ring notebook the books they've checked out.  Here's the form I'm using.  Thanks Ladybug’s Teacher Files for the idea...I tweaked it for my own use.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lurking is Over

My time of lurking of's time I share along with everyone else...
my web homepage:

Today's jobs accomplished...
1.  vocabulary sheet finished
2.  Toy room cleaned (place where the grandkids like to go)