Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy, Sunny Day

Rowdy in First   
is spreading sunshine...and we need it here...cloudy & cooler than normal.

Happy Day
1.  thank you cloudy day...I can show a movie in my room and we can see it.  I have glass blocks along my south wall so the cloudy day helped...
2. I wasn't blocked from Netflix at school  (BIG SMILE). I have a Netflix account online and there was a great Lewis and Clark movie from National Geographic that went really well with this week's reading story.
3.  First day we've had work on writing & we've all 'started working right away'--another BIG SMILE
4.  I teach religion class after school and Wednesday...and the other teachers said there quite a few students who were really excited about coming--our first meeting since last spring and we had pizza & pop!!
5.  Our room won the golden dustpan award for being the cleanest room in the building for the week! We were served sherbert ice cream by the janitor the last 30 minutes of the day.

All in was a very good day!   (even without the sunshine)

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