Friday, October 21, 2011

Mad as a wet hen

This coming week....there will be no computer class because we
are assessing (MAP), and they will be no math (since I teach 6th grade English/spelling) and the 6th grade teacher teaches math...and the 6th grade will be assessing...

SO the 4th grade is going to study idioms.  We'll partner complete the idiom sheet as seen.  The top part is for the idiom, the middle is a drawing of what it says, and the bottom is for the definition/use it in a sentence. I have a few books I'll share...the Chocolate Mousse & The king Who Reigned.

Now I can be as made as a wet hen, on those days that homework is not returned!

Conferences Monday and Thursday evenings...but I'm off Friday.  With a day off you'd think I'd stay home. But, NO, I'm going to school with the grandsons & 'enjoying' a school lunch!

Enjoy the weekend.  It's suppose to be lovely here in Nebraska.

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