Sunday, February 12, 2012


This week we'll be MAPS testing.  How do you use the results?  What or how do you share results with parents?  I would prefer testing at the end of January, because shortly we'll be taking the state assessments. It seems like all we do second semester is test...test...test.


  1. We use the results to target instructional strategies. I love that the subareas on the MAP each get a separate RIT score and we use those to determine strength and target areas and adjust instruction based on that. I love it!

  2. Thanks...This is our first year using MAPS, and I think once I'm more familiar with the data it will come in very handy and I plan on adjusting groups, etc based on the data...once I figure out where it is and how to access it. Do you do make any accommodations for sped students?

  3. We use the data combined with other data (conferences, Fountas and Pinnell benchmarking, running records, class performance...) to determine placement for targeted instruction.

    I don't mind the MAP testing. I have found, though, that the line graph parent letter is more understandable for parents, so that is the data that I share with them.

    We did our second MAP testing at the beginning of December, and won't do the final one for this year until April, so I will be anxious to see how it all turns out.

    We start our state assessment in 3 weeks...

  4. Jennifer, How many times a year do you test? We originally thought 3x but it is looking that 2x will be more realistic.


  5. We use the results to determine groupings for our students. Last year, we did Move to Math where we split the kids up into groups based on their RIT band and they spent an entire day with the teacher they were assigned to. It seemed to really help our kiddos and helped us push them in math. I feel there is a lot of pressure for our kids to improve and show growth when we test and they usually do, but it's so stressful. Hope your testing went well :)

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