Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reading Journal

Fourth graders need to be held accountable for their reading.  In a perfect world every student would be reading a book at their 'good fit' level...but I haven't found that to be true.  SO...enter my reading journal.  I made these stickers for the front of each journal...I even managed to get my student teacher to cut 12 composition books into two...she knows how to use a saw!

Every day there's a short question they need to answer in their journal.  I don't always check their journals, but writing something down holds them accountable for reading 15-20 minutes.

Thank you for the daily 5 posters.  I just took a screenshot of the poster I wanted and placed it in PrintShop on a 4 postcard layout.  I used packaging tape and taped the postcard on the front of the journal.

Happy reading!

Happy teaching moment...the other day one of my students came up and said..."Here's one of our words for the week."  Then he pointed to the word stamina in his book...BIG SMILE from me.

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