Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teacher Evaluation

Is there anyone in the blogosphere who lives in a state where all teachers are evaluated on the same or similar criteria?  

Is everyone evaluated at least once a year?  Are you expected to provide your own professional growth?  What about basing your pay on student achievement? 

I'm headed to a workshop this week where my state will be working on such an evaluation...bother teacher and principal.  My district will test-pilot the evaluation next year.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  I'm wondering if we'll use Marzono's format or Danielson's?


  1. We will be using Danielson's rubric--also used by my college during student teaching. It is for all teachers. We also have to have a goal for growth. Example: mine is to increase student accountability with text based questioning. Eventually our eval will be like 50% based on test scores. :(

  2. We are all evaluated on the same criteria here in southern Louisiana. We will all have one formal (scheduled) observation using the Compass rubric and two informal observations. Our formal observation counts as 50% of our overall evaluation. The other 50% comes from student test scores. We just completed our Student Learning Targets. Yes we are expected to provide our own professional growth. Yes our student achievement is based on our pay. It is very stressful!