Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reading Street 2013 CCS

It's official...our new reading series is here.  Are there any other 4th grade teachers out there using the 2013 CCS version?

I'd love to share ideas, resources, and just a chance to bounce about concerns .

First question---what are the amazing words and how are you integrating them?


  1. We use the 2011 CCS version of Reading Street. I really like Reading Street. There are SO MANY online components and so many resources which can be overwhelming at first.

    The Amazing Words are basically a set of concept-based vocabulary words used to help increase the students' oral vocabulary. They are used as part of the "Anchored Talk" in the first section of each day's teacher edition to help guide you toward how to use them.

    I used them weekly when I taught 2nd grade because I only had the one grade. This past year I didn't use them because I had 4th and 5th grade and there just wasn't enough time to get all of the oral vocab in on top of the comprehension skills for each grade.

  2. We are also using Reading Street, but we have not updated to the CC edition. I have the old books but the CC edition online to use. This is my first year in 4th grade. I am moving up from 2nd grade. We used RS in 2nd grade as well. They have some amazing websites with info on them out there:

    1. Thanks Mandy. the websites look wonderful AND very helpful. Good luck in 4th grade. I've taught 4th for many, many years and I really like the age...independent, but not yet sassy like 5 and 6th graders :)

      I have revamped my website using -- If you're interested please give it a look and any comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated.