Monday, January 16, 2012


Does anyone out there use dropbox?  I like it, but I also use google for storage.  Here's the big question.  Has anyone upgraded to the pro package? 


  1. Ok, so I haven't yet moved into Dropbox use. I feel good about how I can get so much in my Google docs. What is the advantage of Dropbox over Google docs? How do you decide in which one you are going to store your information?

    I'm sure I will start with it soon. Just want to get a user's perspective!


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  2. I use Dropbox and I love it! This year my team members have also joined and we use it to share resources. I like the organization of it since it works just like an extra drive (with any folders you want inside) that can be accessed from all your devices. To add something (it takes any file format) you just drag it into the folder. To use it you just double click to open and then save changes if you want. It is way easier than google docs for loading, organizing, using, and saving. I do use google docs for things for parents and other people but all my personal and team docs are in Dropbox. I don't have the paid version. I have added extra space to mine by referring others to the service. You get an extra 250 mg for each.