Saturday, January 21, 2012

Social Studies for 5th

My core group of students are 4th graders...but I switch classes with the 5th grade teacher...she teaches science to my 4th graders and I teach social studies to her 5th graders.  THUS today's post.  I'm beginning the section of American history I like best...the American Revolution.  The next few weeks we'll be talking about the 13 original colonies and what caused our country to rebel against the British.  One resource I use is from reading A-Z.  This company has a lot of nonfiction stories I really like. 

So for the next few weeks...GO COLONISTS!!


  1. Do you have any specific titles from Reading A-Z for this? We are just finishing up our unit on the American Revolution, and I would love to use some of these books!

  2. The book mentioned above is the lead-up to the war...then comes "Battling for Independence" concluding with "Building a Nation". I turn the comprehension quizzes from reading A-Z into a computer quiz using Easy for me to record a grade and since radomizes the questions and answers, I don't have to worry about someone sharing an answers.

    I have a new book I'm going to use called "You wouldn't want to be at the Boston Tea Party..." this is a series and I've used the "You wouldn't want to be a colonist" when we were talking about colonial life. This has humorous facts & pictures which the students enjoyed.

  3. Thanks so much for the information!