Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Checkout

Thank you Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6  for the motivation, inspiration, get checkout cards for the books from my library.  Some years are better than others for students being responsible.  Here's just another way to hold them accountable. 

If you'd like a pdf file, just add a comment below.  I made these on business cards, although I did order bigger ones from Vistaprint.

Here is what my library looks like.  This was before school started, so there are more baskets with similar books, I've taken away the pillows for sanitary reasons and the top shelf has miscellaneous items.


  1. I love these and what a great idea.....why I didn't think of something like this to make my life brain must be mush!! LOL! I keep a list of the books they take at my desk...I have had the same problem with some kids not being responsible and books disappearing....not good when I'm the one buying them all. But I love them filling out cards!!! One less thing for me to do:) I would LOVE a copy of your file:) My email is:

  2. Love the cards! Glad I could be of inspiration (although it isn't hard to be inspired when Vista Print is around ;) )

    Teaching in Room 6

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the idea. Right now I have the kids sign out in a composition book but it makes it hard to go back and see who has outstanding books.

    I would love a copy since you're willing

  4. Business size cards are too small. revamped them into postcard size!

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