Sunday, March 4, 2012


Question #1:
    Do the upper elementary teachers send out newsletters letting parents know what's happening in the classroom? (This is a screen capture of the top portion of a newsletter I completed (had a 4 day weekend).

Question #2 :
    Does anyone use Pages instead of Microsoft Word?  My grandson-grade 4- (he goes to a large school district in Nebraska) uses Pages in his technology class.  It's a whole lot cheaper than Word...$20 as compared to $140.

Question #3:
     For the past 2 years we've had a central printer which allows us to print in color or black & white.  As of last week, we've been told our building will not be printing in color any more.  Do any of you have the option to print in color?  Do you have restrictions? 
   Two years ago they took away printers in our rooms.  The administration said it would save money if we had one copier (whole building-170 kids) and it was in the office. 


  1. Hey Pat! I love your newsletter template. I only do them occasionally, for big news in the classroom. I think it's awesome that you do that, the parents must love it. I've never used Pages...sounds very interesting! And we have some options to print in color, but I tend to do that at home anyways because I have more time to make things there. Happy Sunday!
    Kristen :)

  2. Our school sends out a monthly newsletter, that is created by the principal. I sent out a newsletter the first three months of school, but haven't sent one since. I would love to do a student created one, but just haven't found the time to incorporate it yet.

  3. Our school does a monthly newsletter from the office and most teachers do either a bi-weekly or a weekly newsletter (K-3 tend to call it "Fridge Facts"). My former 5th grade partner never sent home a newsletter that I know of all of last year.

    I know most of my parents probably don't read it but I like doing it so no one can say they DIDN'T get it. I can prove that I sent it out -- they just have to read it ;)

  4. Are you willing to share a copy of your newsletter? Always looking for new ideas. I have a hard time getting my parents to read one.