Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Tub

Stopped by my room this afternoon--HOT! HOT!--second floor, on the south side and the wall is mostly glass brick!  But I did stay long enough to change my book tubs.  Book tubs are magazine metal file holders from Target ($6).  I order my students with numbers and thus the numbers on the tubs (I can reuse the numbers next year).  The tag is a badge holder from WalMart, the inside is a mini picture I made from Print Shop...and the part I like best is that I've used colored brads (I've used them in card making) to attach them to the file folder.  In the past I used colored mini clips...but I love the brads so much more...isn't it amazing what little things make us happy--sun shining, a smiling face, a thank you...


  1. I get the brads thing and those are adorable! I am so glad Target has those in black...I was just wondering if they did this afternoon--weird! Thanks for sharing your awesome organization!
    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  2. I realize the metal book tubs are more expensive, but they should last me for years!