Friday, July 22, 2011

Table organization

I really like this pencil caddy from Really Good Stuff.  I have 4-5 students at a table, so each student gets their own container & the last container is for community sharing of scissors, rulers, etc.

Do you have an organizational tool you REALLY love?

Each week we read a certain genre.  I purchased this rack to display other books in the weekly genre study.  Is there someone out there that does something similar?  Is there something special you do?


  1. I love your table caddy idea. So simple. Why stock it with supplies? Just give each kid a cup. Of course! I just had a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment.

    Also, the book display is great. I am always looking for things like that, but I haven't found one I was willing to splurge on. Was it pricey? Was it also from Really Good Stuff?

  2. Yes it came from Really Good Stuff, & and it was pricey (+$20). I had a discount coupon so that helped a little.

    Thanks for stopping by.