Saturday, July 23, 2011

Web Site Subscription

1.  Spelling City  I have two spelling groups so each group has their words to practice.  I put vocabulary words on my page also and all games, tests, etc are recorded for me to see.
2.  Reading A-Z  I like this site for guided reading books AND it has a lot of choices for me when I'm teaching 5th grade social studies.  I like the quick check quizzes.
3.  Scott Foresman -reading series- this was a one time purchase and I like it because I have access to all worksheets online, and tests are either from the basal or I can decide on which strategy and make a test.  Results from the tests lets me know areas of concern.
4.  Quia-  I can make quizzes of my choice and with a subscription I can keep track of students.  Their matching/word search/cloze games are great on the smartboard.  This site takes the most time, but I can save quizzes, games, etc. and not let them be visible until needed.  I used this for vocabulary until I started using Spelling City.

I'd love to have BrainPop but my school would never spring for the cost :(
I also liked IXL Math, but I'm not teaching math this upcoming school year.


  1. I like IXL Math, too. I am looking to incorporate them more in my classroom this year.

    Lifelong Learning

  2. Jennifer, I like the way IXL Math matched their various assignments to our state standards. It helped us review before we took the state test.