Friday, August 12, 2011

Narrative Format

In Nebraska, the 4th grade writing assessment is narrative.  I have as yet to find a 'program' that addresses the needs of my students.  So in my years of teaching I've come upon the following format, which lucky for me, Really Good Stuff now has posters that I use for the majority of teaching. 

I start the year out by reading narratives...being sure to point out that narratives are in first person.  We make anchor charts of such characteristics...AND in Nebraska, using dialogue is a biggy along with 'bold beginnings'.

Books I read at the beginning of the year:
Enemy Pie
Red Light, Green Light
Many Cynthia Rylant books...
and there are more, but I'm at home and my books are at school.

Hope this post is helpful.


  1. We here in Southern Louisiana also have to teach narrative to our 4th graders for testing. Our grade level is focusing on Chris Paul who is a NBA player here in our city. He wrote a book about his personal experiences. We are building upon the read aloud to create an anchor chart on the components of a narrative to eventually have the students write one of their own. I also found on Time for Kids if you search Personal Narrative they have a great example of a narrative to use to analyze the components with the students.

  2. Do you have a SMARTBoard? I have SMART Notebook docs that I created using the Bold Beginnings and Exciting Endings posters as my guide. Let me know. I'd be happy to share them with you!

    Lifelong Learning

    1. I am interested in theses SMART Notebook docs as well. My email is, if you are still willing to share these items. Thank you very much:)

  3. Jennifer,
    Would LOVE the posters for smartboard. If they're not too larger my email is

    AND thanks

    Mrs. Shepherd...Thanks for the suggestion on Time for Kids. I will look into it today.

  4. I teach 4th grade writing in Texas. I've used The Writing Academy ( for the past 3 years, and it's amazing. The kids love it, and their writing has improved immensely!