Thursday, June 23, 2011

Name Tags

Really Good Stuff had a promotional where you could design your own desk tags.  I really liked the idea since I won't be teaching math next year and wanted language arts information only.  I did put math data on the back...It also let me put our class logo and school name on the front..also let me use school colors.

Only problem...they didn't send me the total number I ordered, although I'm sure this issue will be taken care of.


  1. Oh those came out AWESOME!! I saw this in Really Good Stuff's last catalog and was intrigued...I love how you arranged yours. I'm veeery tempted to try it out now, thanks and thanks for all the lovely comments you always leave :)

  2. Did you know you can use ppt to make a jpg picture? That's what I did to make the school picture with the clipart. I've used the same idea to have the beginning picture on the flikr pictures for each class year.
    this is for the coming year. I'm using popcorn as my reading incentive. Will have popcorn bags in the hall and then for every 10 points (we use reading renaissance), students will get a popcorn to put on their bag.